Check Out Our Etsy Shop

My husband and I are starting a fiber business in northern California we call Sierra Wools.  We plan on specializing in processing and selling high quality wool and products from the regional “Fibershed” that serves our area.  (If you’re asking what is a Fibershed? check them out at


Our online stop, or shop in the Etsy world can be found at  We have only just begun, but have a lot of handspun yarns, roving and other products at our shop.


I formerly owned and operated White Mountain Wool Mill in northeastern Arizona, and processed wool for myself and others for many years there.  I have specialized in fine wool products, such as Romney, Lincoln, Ramboullet and other fine woolens.

We also are producing a quality wool picker, inspired by our own needs and the high cost and timeliness of shipping for other products on the market.  My husband hand crafted our fine oak picker to my specifications and needs for processing my own fleeces over many years, and it is capable of producing larger volumes of fleece than many small units we looked at buying.

As an incentive to buy something from our new shop we are offering a 20% off coupon on our website, just go to and find the code for the discount.  Just enter the code on checkout from Etsy to receive your discount.



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